Sunday, May 16, 2010

And Again, with Verizon...

Just included in my monthly Verizon bill payment. Let's see if they respond.


Dear Verizon,

Let's just get this out there: I don't like you one bit. You probably have the slightest bit of interest in me, because you've managed to fleece me out of $17 per month for solely providing me a dial tone. I personally find that utterly ridiculous. The only reason I have your land line service in the first place is that I am unable to get DSL service at my apartment otherwise. You insist that I have a land-line, but also have the gall of charging my DSL provider $2.88 per month to use your network. If my $17 per month is not covering usage of your network, then it seems like you need to seriously re-evaluate how you are doing business.
You should consider yourself lucky that I find Comcast an even more distasteful corporation than you. Otherwise I would likely just get cable internet from them, and bypass the need for a landline. Alternately, if you hadn't so offended me by requiring that I spend $17 per month for a dial tone, I would likely have purchased FiOS from you by this point, which would have you receiving far more per month than the $17.14 & $2.88 you extract from me each month. Now, your uninformed and poorly qualified salespeople might have dissuaded me from making that purchase, but that's a whole separate string of complaints.
Now, FiOS leads me to my next series of complaints: the ludicrous amount of sales literature you send me for FiOS. I am not interested. Your sales people, though trying to be helpful, were wholly unable to answer some fairly basic questions I had about the service and thus, I am unwilling to switch internet service. Now, despite explaining that to salesmen, I continue to receive several brochures in the mail each month. This is why I occasionally miss a bill payment: your bills and your junk mail look the same, and it all goes into the trash.
In conclusion: I do not want to be your customer, but you have forced me into it. I would honestly appreciate if you cut off the torrent of FiOS literature. It just fills up my trash and surely throws a wrench into any claims you might make of being a “green company.”

Screw you guys,
Alex Belton

P.S. I pay my bill in my own envelope by check simply to spite you. It's worth the stamp every month to stick it to you. You're welcome."

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