Monday, January 31, 2011

The FDIC Knows how Citi Lost me as a Customer

And I never even opened an account:

"Please describe the nature of your complaint or inquiry:
For several months I have been receiving the Citi statement of one Sxxxx Axxx Sxxxxx mailed to my address in Quakertown PA. I have lived at this address for 2.5 years and have not been receiving this statement the whole time. I have called Citi bank two times previous to the most recent call, today, reporting the issue and was assured, every time, that they would remove my address from their system, as I have no Citi accounts of any type. They did not seem particularly concerned that their paying customer's statement was being sent to the wrong person/address. On the back of the envelope it warns that "A paper trail is an identity thief's best friend." They do not seem to take this to heart.

I do not know if this is the result of a simple typo or if there is something more sinister afoot involving impersonating this other customer with credit card activity they are not aware of.

I have returned several of the statements back to sender via the USPS, which really should be a red flag for privacy concerns.

I am filing this complaint because I hope someone else might do the same if it appeared my identity was being stolen.

Desired Resolution:
They need to contact Sxxxx Axxx Sxxxxx and resolve her correct address and bring appropriate actions against her if she is deliberately falsifying her mailing address.

I also wish to have my person (Axxxx Bxxxx) excluded from any and all future solicitations of credit card or other financial services from Citi bank. This whole affair has destroyed my faith in their ability to take care of their customers and protect their identity. I will file future complaints if I continue to receive offers for credit cards etc after the resolution of this complaint."

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