Sunday, February 06, 2011

Oh, Citi. You'll wish you never heard of me...

Lets see if this gets their attention. I dropped the H-bomb and I-theft bomb.


To whom it may concern,

Please remove my address (-----St APT ----, Quakertown PA 18951) and person from your marketing database. Due to the behavior explained in the attached CoC (Comptroller of Currency) complaint (Case# 01450312) I do not wish to receive any more offers for any type of financial services from your company or subsidiaries. I have zero faith in your ability to take care of your customers privacy or respond to their complaints.

I expect written confirmation of your receipt of this message. If I do not receive it, I will assume you are consciously ignoring this complaint. I will continue to report additional offers I receive to Citi bank, using your Business Reply Mail envelopes as well as appending my CoC complaint. If my concerns continue to be ignored, I will consider your institutions actions as harassment and will elevate my complaints accordingly.

I should not have to remind you of the serious nature of identity theft. If you consciously ignore this complaint, you might be considered an accessory to the possible attempted identity theft that is described in the included CoC complaint.

Not amused,

Alexander Belton"

You can learn from my mistakes...

Pro tip:

The regulatory landscape is terribly complex. Apparently you contact the FDIC, Federal reserve or Comptroller of Currency depending on how big the bank/financial institution is.

This website searches lets you search and directs you to the appropriate agency to file your complaint.