Monday, December 20, 2010

In which I do battle with a Junk Mailer

Why'd it take me over two years? Because I think this junk mail has caused me to miss electricity bills (the latest tacking on $16 in late fees) and I'm not really OK with that anymore.

Submitted to the BBB:

Business Information
Business ID: 0141-0071004691
Name: Valassis Sales & Marketing Services, Inc
Address: 20 Summit Park Drive
City: Pittsburgh
State/County: PA
Zip/Postal Code: 15275

1. Primary Classification:
Advertising Issues
2. Secondary Classification:
Customer Services Issues
3. Problem:
I have been living at this address for approximately 2.5 years. Throughout that time I have received, one or more times per week, a significant pile of unwanted mail, coupons for local businesses etc, that I generally consider to be 'junk' as I have no interest in looking through such a pile for the one or two coupons I might be interested in. Recently, this pile of junk mail has been interfering with me receiving proper mail (bills etc) regularly as the mail that is actually addressed to me (rather than "Resident") will get mixed in amongst the junk mail and I throw it all out without noticing the bill or statement buried amongst the ads. I attempted to unsubscribe via the website which redirected it to the Valassis website with a web form to fill out. This form, however, requires me to input my name to get my address removed from their mailing list. I have never given them my name as a means to request these mailings, and the are addressed to "Resident" at my address, XXXXX Quakertown, PA 18951 Clearly they do not already have my name, and if they do they don't have the courtesy to actually address it to me. I do not wish my name to end up in their database, even in the event that it's used to remove my address from their list. I called a number listed on the website to have my address removed. When the customer servce rep picked up, she asked for my name. I stated that I refuse to provide it and she dumped me into a Valassis phone queue that was not being answered except during regular business hours. I, as are the people with the money to spend on the items advertised in the mailings, have a job and are not available to call and be put on hold during regular business hours. The web recording directs me to the same aforementioned web form, that requires me to input my name 'acting as my signature' to remove my address (which will take 5-6 weeks to take effect).

Complaint Background
1. Product/Service Purchased: None
2. Model Number: N/A

Dates you complained to the company/organization
7. First Date: 12/20/2010
10. Payment Made: No

Desired Outcome
1. Desired Settlement:
Other (requires explanation)
2. Desired Outcome:
I wish my address to be removed from their mailing list and no longer receive their mailings.